Складское оборудование. Стеллажи.


Производство складских и торговых стеллажей всех типов

СКЛАДСКАЯ ТЕХНИКА: погрузчики, штабелеры, тележки

Производство складских и торговых стеллажей всех типовПроизводство складских и торговых стеллажей всех типов
Складское оборудование. Стеллажи.
Проектирование стеллажей согласно плану, расчет стоимости стеллажей, монтаж и демонтаж стеллажей и стеллажного оборудования. Продажа. Доставка стеллажного оборудования в любой регион России. Доставка стеллажей до склада в Москве и Петербурге - бесплатно.

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Производство складских и торговых стеллажей всех типов Складское оборудование. Стеллажи

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Material handling Equipment & Technique for warehouse Manual pallet trucks, pedestrian & rider electric pallet trucks, hydraulic manual & electric stackers, pedestrian electric stackers, stackers with platform, counterbalanced stackers, high level & low order pickers, reach trucks, side loaders, articulated electric forklift trucks, diesel & gasoline forklift trucks and other equipment capacity up to 10 ton & lifting height up to 9 meters... Special model: simple protection for in and out use in cold store, flame protection, anticorrosion protection LOC`s products have been known in Europe since 1931, when the company started manufacturing of lifting equipment for rail transport. In 1945 the company designed their first hand stacker TRILOC and in 1964 started manufacturing of electric stackers with ride-on operators. In 1972 major production facilities were moved into Saint-Ouen L`Aumone, France. In 1993 году the company was taken over by Manitou group - the world leader of rough terrain handling equipment. From 2001 and until 2004 LOC introduced several series of newly designed equipment such as electric pallet trucks E-series and electric stackers of series A and Stacky, hydraulic hand pallet trucks, and in 2003 changed its name on LOC Manutention. These days LOC Manutention are producers of the widest spectrum of electrical stackers in the world. The major competitors of the company in Europe are such famous names as Linde, Still, Jungheinrich. The philosophy of LOC Manutention is `flexibility and individual approach`. 25% of the whole production is manufacturing of special non-standard equipment designed by company`s Design Office, from a specifications which defines with customer`s specific requirements in an extremely precise manner. LOC Manutention do not deal with direct customers having established wide dealership network accounting around 90 dealers in France more than 120 dealers in Europe. Our service Free delivery in Moscow Region & Saint Petersburg of all purchased products Test - Drive electric pallet trucks & stackers on your warehouse - free 2 years guaranty for all products LOC Manutention Guaranty & post-guaranty service Sell components and spare parts for material handling equipment Sell traction batteries for electric forklift trucks and powered pallet trucks & stackers Repair material handling equipment




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